Think Aloud

I host the Southbank Centre’s podcast Think Aloud [audio link]. I interview comedians, musicians and writers—sometimes because they have shows forthcoming at the SBC, some just because my producer Cheeka Eyers and are massive fans.

In my favourite episode to date, I chair a heated five-way debate between different Southbank Centre curators [audio link].


As a guest, I’ve spoken on podcasts including the Financial Times’ Everything Else—about “clean sleep” shamans [audio link], and “peak TV” [audio link], and the Life of a Song podcast [audio link] about whether there’s such a thing as millennial music.

Other appearances include on The Modern Mann [audio link], speaking about ways to make freelancing Not Terrible.

Live events

I’m an experienced moderator of live events. I’ve hosted panel discussions, including at the FT Weekend festival [link], and interviewed guests including Simon Schama and Joshua Oppenheimer in front of a crowd and a camera.

Sometimes, I even have opinions! I recently spoke at Index on Censorship launch event about bad travel journalism [link].